Icelandic Lamb; Free Roaming Since 874

Free Roaming -
"Well, actually it's wild..."

wild icelandic free roaming sheepIt sounds simple, but you can’t say enough about animals being able to roam freely in the Wilds. Endless studies prove over and over that you cannot beat the methods offered by nature herself. Characteristics that are unique to Iceland make it possible for free roaming practices to be employed in virtually all Icelandic farming communities.

First, remember it’s an island, the sheep aren’t going anywhere. By nature they remain largely within regional territories of their home pastures. Second, in Iceland there are sheep, horses, cows and that’s about it. Subsequently, there are no natural predators. Especially the kind that plague the lower regions such as the Western Rockies of North America or the outback of Australia. As a result lambs remain wild until they are gathered in the Autumn reaching their mature weight naturally. Subsequently there’s no need for factory feed lots and all the negative impacts associated in them.

Therefore there's:
NO Pesticides,
NO Herbicides,
NO Hormones,
NO Grain-fed,
NO Factory Feed Lots ,
NO Problems

So in the end;
they're beyond free-range,
they're beyond grass-fed,
they're beyond organic;
they're wild!

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Wild Icelandic Lamb -
Trust the source.