Wild Icelandic Lamb -

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Informed Consumers Ask;
“Is my food healthy?"
“Is it safe?”
“Is it natural?”
“Is it nutritious?”

Wild Icelandic lamb is all this and more.

In an environment where consumers are increasingly health conscious, food must be safe, pure and nutritious. For these reasons, Icelandic lamb is becoming recognized throughout the world for its healthy nutritional value as well as its delicious taste. But most of all, Iceland is valued as a food source you can trust.

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Icelandic lambs are reared entirely outdoors. Their natural diet of sedge, willow, thrift, moss campion, and wild berries makes the Icelandic lamb instantly recognizable for its distinctively flavorful taste. Their naturally wild diet along with many other characteristics can not be duplicated anywhere else.

Only Iceland has Wild Icelandic Lamb.