Bjarteyjarsandur - A Family Farm in Hvalfjordur, Iceland

Bjarteyjarsandur is a family owned and operated farm located at the far end of Hvalfjordur, Iceland. A little remote to be sure, but their story is global in so many respects. It's also a shining example of what we''ll be working for as Wild Icelandic moves forward.

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Summer's End In Iceland

 Wild Icelandic - Summertime in Iceland

Discovery has always been a hallmark of human experience. Whether it was sailing the seas of old, conquering the skies to outer space, to the modern innovations of science and technology; we do things just to see what we’ll discover.

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VON Mathús og Bar; Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

 Wild Icelandic - Discovering Food In Iceland

In almost any creative endeavor there is a methodology known as the Discovery Process. It occurs in the visual arts, culinary arts, writing and many more human endeavors. One of the best outcomes from this process is when you discover love.

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LAMB Street Food; Reykjavik, Iceland

 Wild Icelandic - Food Innovation In Reykjavik, Iceland

Not often does something come along that truly changes the status quo. Lamb Street Food, a new quick serve eatery really hits the mark. Located at Grandagarður 7 in Reykjavík, Iceland this cleverly designed place takes the best of what we know from Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine and takes it to a whole new level.

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