Wild Icelandic - Summers in Iceland

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose

The development of Wild Icelandic has been quite a journey. As we continue, our focus remains fixed on establishing the best possible methods for serving customers, while preserving all the true natural splendor that comes from our Icelandic products. Thankfully, the time has come where our blog can fully blossom as part of our regular business model.

Our evolution has now matured to where we'll divide our time between the US and Iceland to follow the seasons of nature herself. In Iceland, after lambs are born in the spring they're turned loose to forage in all the raw nature for the entire summer. In the fall, Réttir (translated as "The Gathering") is celebrated when all the flocks are rounded up by the regional sheep farming families.


wild icelandic lamb IS. Sheep Round Up still

Subsequently, Wild Icelandic will be headquartered in Iceland for the summers where we can connect with the source in this season of growth. Then we'll return to the states for our Fall Harvest Celebration. From there we can share the bounty of the harvest, introduce new product items and announce the total numbers from the harvest for the coming year. The seasonal change affords us an opportunity to share our Icelandic experience with those who would want to know more about Iceland and Wild Icelandic.ILMBLogo OK green white

It's a constant learning process and the more we grow in knowledge and experience, the more we have to share with our friends in the US.

Our first story will be about;
Lamb Street Food -