LAMB Street Food; Reykjavik, Iceland

 Wild Icelandic - Food Innovation In Reykjavik, Iceland

Not often does something come along that truly changes the status quo. Lamb Street Food, a new quick serve eatery really hits the mark. Located at Grandagarður 7 in Reykjavík, Iceland this cleverly designed place takes the best of what we know from Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine and takes it to a whole new level.

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This king of street food is known as shawarma (Turkish) the gyro (Greek) or as owner Rita Didriksen refers to it Döner Kebab. The base is meat cut from a compacted cone that spins on a high heat rotisserie. Slices are shaved as it slowly turns and roasts all day, cooking in its own juices. From there meat is thinly sliced and added to a pita or other type of flatbread where assorted salads and sauces are used to finish the dish.

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Yet at the heart of all this is the meat used for these wraps and they all have different variations. Gyros are usually beef or lamb. Shawarma can be chicken, lamb or even goat. Where döner/kebabs are more singular in use, but can also be any combination. So no rules, just more of a guideline and as their name declares, Lamb Street Food is using only one ingredient; Icelandic Lamb! wild icelandic lamb LAMB Street Food img 1411This is an amazing choice because the different grades and quality of meat used throughout the world is vast. Industrial processes have monetized meat manufacturing to a level that transforms all of the natural characteristics into products that are unrecognizable sometimes even as food. Rita has work diligently with her partners to develop a process that doesn't use additives or binding agents, but keeps the simplicity of pure Icelandic Lamb, layered and compacted into a premium kebab for a vertical roasting. The resulting taste, texture and cleanliness of the lamb is a real standout in every dish.

Equally innovative are the salads and sauces. One example is the Date Sauce. A smartly balanced mix of dates, apricots, coriander, turmeric, coconut milk and with no added sugar. When combined with a skyr based coleslaw, sweet potato and kale salad you end up with lamb wraps that are worth the effort for this destination. Another excellent distinction is each flatbread used is baked to order and if you're familiar with fresh baked anything you know this extra effort makes all difference. The flatbread itself at LSF is specially made in-house and is a hybrid mix of classic shawarma bread and traditional Icelandic "Flatkaka."

But wait; there's more. ;-) If you're looking for freshly prepared street food, but don't want lamb they have vegan falafel, which is an excellent option. LAMB Street Food offers two falafel main plates or a small plate with choices for vegan dips as well. A clever idea to have the best of both worlds, tasty vegan food and traditional Icelandic Lamb with a twist.wild icelandic lamb LAMB Street Food img 1429

At the real heart of this menu though is the lamb and how it's prepared. Icelandic Lamb is not a commodity. It's a premium product sourced from a singularly unique place in the world. Humanely raised on family owned and operated farms, Icelandic sheep foster lambs that are unparalleled in the global market. Each Spring the flocks are turned loose to spend the entire summer foraging in the wilds of Iceland, feeding on all the raw vegetation of this pristine environment. When coupled with Icelands Carbon Neutral Program efforts and strict rules banning GMO's, chemicals and added hormones you end up with a perfectly clean food the way nature intended.

More and more informed consumers around the world are asking "Where is my food coming from?" “Is it healthy?" “Is it safe?” “Is it natural?” “Is it nutritious?” Wild Icelandic lamb is all this and more.

Trust the Source - It's a delicious difference you'll experience in every bite.

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