Summer's End In Iceland

 Wild Icelandic - Summertime in Iceland

Discovery has always been a hallmark of human experience. Whether it was sailing the seas of old, conquering the skies to outer space, to the modern innovations of science and technology; we do things just to see what we’ll discover.

Icelandic Lamb only comes from one place in the whole world - you guessed it; Iceland! We set out this summer to discover Icelandic Lamb and it’s connection to this island nation in the North Atlantic. While exploring this unspoiled country we spoke with farmers, chefs, Icelander’s and tourists. What we discovered was a passion for nature, land, traditions and the rare bounty it can produce.

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The video posted here offers a small window; a highlight reel of sorts that gives you a taste of this passion along with the care and insights contained in the community of this agricultural paradise.

As chefs today all around the world strive to connect with the sources of the food they create, concurrently family farms engage in an immense struggle to gain understanding from the world they’re trying to feed. We can’t help seeing the massive disconnect we all find ourselves in today. All a direct result of the corporate stranglehold controlling how we eat. Unless you’re connected in someway to the source, you’re at the mercy of an industrial food network that sucks the very life from the sustenance we need.

Please take a look at the latest presentation from Wild Icelandic, let us know what you think - how does it make you feel? Our discussion continues, but the clock is ticking.

P.S. Big Shout Out to the fabulous crew at Eventa Films