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Frozen Wild Icelandic Lamb is available all year-round.

Wild Icelandic brand does offer fresh lamb to it's customers during the harvest season via Special Order. Most slaughtering takes place in the autumn, making the supply of fresh lamb seasonal. In order to increase the supply of fresh lamb, there have been efforts to extend the slaughtering season which currently begins in August and ends late October. The sales period for fresh lamb is from September 1 to October 25.

wild icelandic sheep gathering 03 Fresh product orders are usually submitted between the period of late spring through summer and delivered when slaughter begins. Generally, a large proportion has already been sold, so the earlier your order is placed the better guarantee for order fulfillment.

Fresh product can be processed according to the buyer’s request during the slaughtering period, even though the product is delivered over a longer period. Specific requests for processing fresh product that's frozen and delivered later are happily arranged.